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Trade Analytics

Trade Foresight™ has embedded an innovative data analytics solution that provides companies the insights which facilitates informed decision making,helps identify cost-saving opportunities, spot problems and highlights potential risks.Integrating trade data from a variety of sources,trade authorities,brokers and customs, which helps identifying opportunities that can support your business favourably.

Country Analysis

Trade Foresight™ platform provides a holistic overview of the economic and business landscape for trade.Demographics of business environment,providing traders and businesses insights about local and economic policies along with international trade agreements between cross countries that impact business decisions.Having access to updated trade policies helps plan ahead trade and business activities efficiently for local and international trade.

Industry Analysis

Trade Foresight™ provides granular level trade data pertaining to industry, empowers users to have complete control over analytics. The industry analysis shares statistics about the potential of business, products and services in the market. This serves SMEs with insightful information pertaining to the market share of different importing countries in particular industries, global demand, top exporting and importing destination for that industry. Trade Foresight further enables the users to explore drill-down analysis into sub-industries and its share in main industry.

On-Spot Trading (B2B Marketplace)

Trade Foresight™ platform has an integrated online business-to-business (B2B) marketplace that connects small and medium businesses across the globe for international trade. Traders can now directly navigate to On Spot Trading to seek prospect buyers, sellers, exporters, importers, or services providers for any product or service. Traders can also list their products or services in the marketplace for all the registered users to view the product/service listings.

Trade Agreements

Trade Foresight™ has access to a database containing more than 600 multilateral trade related conventions currently effective around the world. At the country level, the variety of international agreements makes it difficult for policymakers to decide which treaties should be ratified, which ones should be ignored, and which ones have a greater impact on improving the national/regional business environment. Hence assisting Trade Support Institutions and policymakers in optimizing their country’s legal framework on international trade.

Trade Advisory

Trade Foresight™ has embedded a Trade Advisory feature, that helps businesses make logically calculated business decisions. The feature connects business users with our experienced trade experts which will provide well-rounded expert advice to help you take trade related decisions that can optimize your business. Additionally, you can request for a comprehensive report which will highlight key insights with graphical representations and suggestions that can help you enhance your business.

Trade News

Trade Foresight™ has access to real-time data related to trade policies and news for a diverse range of trade avenues. The feature notifies users with real-time insights of the trading industry, exchange rates, policy updates, and other region-specific trade related updates allowing users to gain detailed insights and make efficient business decisions way ahead of time.

Trade Authorities & Associations

Trade Foresight™ has embedded an access to provide details for direct point of contact to trade regulating authorities and trade supporting associations globally. The feature provides information about trade assisting and trade regulating bodies operating in a country, to support the international trade. This serves to establish coordination between potential trade avenues. Whether you are a business willing to explore internal trade expansion opportunities in a particular country, or considering exploring new business opportunities, locally and internationally, these trade authorities and associations will serve as a bridge to support your business.

Traders List

Trade Foresight™ has congregated a database of manufacturers , suppliers, and traders from across the world with a vision to establish a direct point of contact to promote business activities with ease,without any delays.

Connect the right type of people with the right type of business in an efficient and effective manner across the globe to support your business,to ensure you build the connections which serve to bring out productive and profitable returns for your business .

Trade Guide

Trade Foresight™ has an embedded Trade Guide feature that allows users to explore business opportunities with other trading countries, from both Importer’s and Exporter’s perspective. Whether you are a Buyer or a Seller, Trade Guide will provide a geographical analysis of trading landscape catering to both potential and existing markets for any of the products.

Self Service Analysis

Trade Foresight™ platform enables users to undertake Self Service Analysis,using authentic and verified formulas, the platform showcases indices using data from different sources already accumulated on a Single Trade Data Platform which will conclude all relevant KPIs for the users to devise trade strategies or utilize it for research purposes, formulating creative reports,and customizing them based on their requirements.

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Per Year
  • Market Analysis
  • Country Analysis
  • Industry/Sub-Industry Analysis
  • Product Analysis
  • Market Search
  • Self Service Analysis
  • Traders’ Guide
  • Traders’ Virtual Meetup
  • On Spot Trading/Marketplace
  • Complete Trader’s Listings
  • Search Trade Organizations or Associations
  • Trade Agreements
  • General Trade Guidelines and Procedures
  • Bilateral Guidelines and Procedures
  • Latest News and Trends
  • All Trade KPIs
Per Year
  • All offered in Standard Plan
  • Traders Match and Meet
  • D&B Registration Seal (DRS) and Number
  • 15% discount on D&B Business Information Report (BIR)
  • Highlighted as a Premium Trader in Traders’ Listings and Listed on top alphabetically
  • 2 hours of dedicated trainings
  • 2 information exchange with Trade Experts
  • 1 detailed report for any country, product, industry or sub-industry of choice
  • 25% discounted access on Vexpositions (Virtual Exhibitions Platform)
  • 1 Month free access to Vbazars (Online Trade Store)
Per Year
  • All offered in Standard Plan
  • Traders Match and Meet
  • D&B Registration Seal (DRS) and Number
  • D&B Rating Certificate
  • 30% discount on D&B Business Information Report (BIR)
  • Highlighted as a Premium+ Trader in Traders’ Listings and Listed on top alphabetically
  • 4 hours of dedicated trainings
  • 4 information exchange with Trade Experts
  • 2 detailed report for any country, product, industry or sub-industry of choice
  • 50% discounted access on Vexpositions (Virtual Exhibitions Platform)
  • 3 Months free access to Vbazars (Online Trade Store)
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